Friday, May 25, 2012

Priela-Ontengco Wedding Invites

When Rochelle and GP called me to do their wedding invites, they were actually planing to do a very formal and classic one with the Ilocos feel through my doodles. It was really hard for me to imagine mixing up the classic invitation elements and doodles. So for a month, I tried looking for different inspirations. Then they showed me some photos of the location of their wedding. It was a village of century old houses near the beach, and the only thing that came into my mind was Filipiniana. So I said to myself, forget the damask and the lace-like letters, I must mix Filipiniana and my doodles. A week after I started my sketches, I presented my work to GP. At that time, I was afraid Rochelle will not like it since I did not follow her request (the formal look). But to my surprise, it was really okay for her. And it was GP who turned out to be more meticulous, but in a very very good way. Following his requests, I added some matsuka tiles like those of the church in Ilocos, a village of century old bahay-na-bato, a light tower, and a mini statue of a goat. 

Here are some of the illustrations I incorporated in the invites.

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